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Casambi Lightbox – Genco HQ

    Casambi Lightbox Panels
    Genco HQ


    Casambi Technology plays a large part in what we do here at Genco Tech. 

    Casambi is a completely wireless system, in which luminaires and other devices communicate directly with each other via Bluetooth (Low Energy Technology).


    The Challenge:

    The challenge was on to find a way to represent a real world Casambi network, within a compact, workable space. 

    Once we settled on the panel design, we wanted to create something that showcases the wireless technology and assists with Casambi scene setting training. 

    The solution had to look great and in keeping with the rest of the building.

    The Solution:

    Using stand alone dynamic white lamps, with Casambi evolution protocol and colour-changing LED tape we created 3 panels. Each panel represents a network that can be subdivided into rooms.

    They allow any Casambi scenario to be tested, from scenes, animations and groups to network setup. The three panels then represent a site that can be controlled via a gateway from anywhere in the world.


    We created three visually pleasing panels, containing 16 individual lamps, that showcases all that’s great about the Casambi Technology. 

    They’re a fantastic training tool and often a talking point for all those visiting Genco HQ.

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