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EV Chargers – Kirklees Councl

    EV Chargers
    Kirklees Council


    To continue with the Kirklees Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) and its ambition to be Net Zero and Climate Ready by 2038, Genco were asked to source and install multiple new EV chargers in a temporary location to charge their electric van fleet.

    The Challenge:

    To supply and fit the most economical and cost friendly option as well as ensuring each charger was user friendly with longevity.                                                 

    The location of the chargers also meant works would be close to public spaces so mess, noise and disruption would need to be kept as minimal as possible.

    Due to other works being completed, time was of the essence on this job so needed to be completed as quickly as possible for the client to ensure no hold-ups or delays to other aspects of the job.

    The Solution:

    After looking at the spec, Genco sourced and installed 11x new “Project EV” 32A single phase EV charge points.

    Through doing this, the cost and economical aspect were both met along with the charge points meeting the current government specifications.

    The selected chargers installed also have a market leading warranty and different accessory options, giving the client peace of mind for years to come with the ability to adapt as and when required with new technologies.


    The chosen charge points have multiple mode control such as app, plug and go and RFID swipe card, ensuring they are keeping up with the user friendly aspect and allowing multiple options when it comes to control over usage.

    From receipt of purchase order to job completion, the time frame was under two weeks meaning the client project timeframe was not disrupted and our work men were in and out quickly and efficiently.

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