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EnOcean Switch – Genco HQ

    EnOcean Switch
    Genco HQ


    In order to carry on with our sustainability approach, we wanted to look at reducing energy consumption within the office here at Genco.

    Currently, the lights are on full time 08.00 – 17.00pm Monday – Friday at 100% power throughout the building resulting in high output and unnecessary energy use.

    The Challenge:

    We wanted to ensure the business remain operational with no disturbance when adding in the new lighting as well as reduce energy consumption.

    Other factors presenting challenges were finding the cheapest energy efficient solution.                                                    

    We wanted to find a solution that was user friendly, so all within the office could make any adjustments where required.

    The Solution:

    Genco Tech came up with the solution utilising casambi enabled technology to reduce to the output on lighting from 100% to 30% in the office.

    We set up a timer using the Casambi app, lowering the output to the desired level, that dims at 5pm when the business day finishes.

    We then also installed a self-powered wireless EnOcean Bluetooth switch that allows the user to customize and alter the settings at any time.


    After looking at different options, we decided to fit a self-powered wireless EnOcean Bluetooth switch for its low energy usage. It also eliminated the need for noisy and messy wiring installations, to limit the disruption to the business. The EnOcean switch simply sticks to the wall.

    As well as hitting the challenge to reduce energy and cost saving, the Casambi app includes a safety feature “Overnight mode”, which allows the user to set timers for individual lights to come on/off throughout the night, giving the impression that the building is occupied, adding  to the security of the building.

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