Genco helps school pupils practice their interview skills

Genco helps school pupils practice their interview skills

Secondary school students got a taste of what it’s like to attend a job interview, at a careers day involving volunteers from companies and organisations, including Genco.

Our business development manager, Louise Dobson, joined the event run by Manor Croft Academy in Dewsbury, and put participants through their paces.

Genco was invited to take part by our Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) coordinator – and we were very happy to do our bit, to help prepare 14 and 15-year-olds for the working world ahead of them!

The mock interview and careers workshop day involved coaching sessions with advice and insight from industry professionals including Louise.

She said: “It was great to virtually meet the students and hear what they had to say. We talked about employability skills and career opportunities in Kirklees.

“As someone who gets involved in the recruitment of apprentices, it was really useful and interesting for me to receive some first-hand insight from young people into their thoughts, feelings, hopes and aspirations on employment matters.  

“They had plenty to talk about and asked many questions. Some participants had very detailed plans for their future, and others were undecided and keeping an open mind about avenues they might like to pursue.”

Louise and fellow volunteers introduced students the job interview experience, asking the sorts of questions that they would put to potential new recruits for real-life vacancies to give them a real flavour of what to expect.

Louise said: “The students put a great deal of thought into the interview process and were really keen to hear the feedback that we gave on the day. It was a great event and something we would definitely love to get involved with again!”

Abbie Nicoll of Manor Croft Academy fed back to us: “The students had an exciting and enriching experience, and we cannot thank Genco enough. 

“The detailed feedback given to our students after their interviews will support them in their next steps. Thanks for your time, praise and encouragement.” 

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