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Genco Tech – Single use plastics

    Single use plastics, be gone!
    Genco HQ


    In order to improve on their production and sustainability, the Tech department at Genco HQ looked to reduce their single use plastic output whilst maintaining high quality service on delivery of products.


    The Challenge:

    To find the best solution of shipping out delicate custom made products to reach the client in perfect condition, all whilst ensuring the most eco friendly route is being taken.

    The Solution:

    A swap was made to Eco friendly packaging with only biodegradable plastics being used.

    This included box assembly being redesigned with less air space to negate plastic filling.

    The re-design also allows more products to be shipped together, meaning pallet space is used more efficiently.

    Tape, labels and packing cards have also been changed to promote ‘free from plastic’ and ‘100% recyclable’ to try and encourage others to make the switch.


    Happy clients receive their products in one package rather than multiple as well as eliminating single use plastic.

    The products can also be used for any part of shipping within Genco and will also hopefully encourage other companies to follow suit.

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