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Lighting Upgrade – Mount J&I School

    Lighting Upgrade
    Mount J&I School


    The Mount Junior and Infant School’s lighting system was in need of a major overhaul. This would be a significant project aimed at improving user control, energy efficiency and the overall working environment.

    On this project, both Genco Tech and Genco Projects collaborated to create a bespoke solution.

    The Challenge:

    Our aim was to create a better working environment for the children and the teachers whilst in class. We wanted to deliver a solution that was energy efficient and will lead to financial savings for the school. This lighting design needed to be flexible for any future additions or changes.

    There were several challenges when looking to undertake work at the Mount Infant and Junior School due to the building’s design and the presence of asbestos in certain areas.

    The project involved replacing lighting inn 34 rooms, totalling 259 devices.

    The Solution

    The new system we installed utilised the casambi control system, which allows for wireless control and commissioning. The system is controlled by wireless wall switches, as well as presence and absence sensors.

    Each luminaire was pre-wired with a plug and cable ready to be connected to the Genco connect system. A unique numbering system was developed to pre-commission casambi devices before installation. Each device has a specific identification label indicating its location by floor, room and device.

    Pre-commissioning was done in the Genco Tech factory, ensuring efficient installation on-site with zero commissioning cost.

    The Outcome

    The Genco Marshalling Box System, in conjunction with the Casambi Dimming System, resulted in significant cost savings for the client. By streamlining installation processes and minimizing on-site labour, the project became more cost-effective.

    The use of wireless switches was a strategic decision, especially considering the presence of asbestos in the building. Since wireless switches eliminate the need for physical rewiring, the existing structure remains unchanged, ensuring safety and compliance.

    The prewired and pre-commissioned lighting system, combined with the marshalling boxes, played a crucial role. Devices were prepared off-site, labelled, and tested before installation. This approach minimised time on site, reduced errors, and facilitated smoother hardware installation.

    On-site installation was simplified by connecting each luminaire to the Genco Connect marshalling box system, dramatically reducing the installation time.

    In summary, the integrated system not only addressed technical challenges but also delivered practical benefits, including cost-effectiveness, safety, and efficient deployment.

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